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About the Deepings

Situated eight miles north of Peterborough, seven miles east of Stamford, and five miles south of Bourne, the Deepings comprise four settlements situated along the River Welland, known as Market Deeping, Deeping St James, and West Deeping.

Falling just outside the boundary with Cambridgeshire and just inside South Lincolnshire, the Deepings are also linked with the South Holland village of Deeping St Nicholas which spreads eastwards towards the larger fenland market town of Spalding.

With an attractive, historical town centre, the Deepings has grown into a popular residential community with many residents boasting a proud ancestral heritage.

The Deepings has also attracted many newer members of the community in search of a quieter, more suburban lifestyle where they can live, work and raise their families. Together we make up a thriving, community-spirited society of around 15,000 people.


Just outside the boundary to Cambridgeshire and just inside South Lincolnshire, the Deepings are not far away from larger towns and cities.


The Deepings is rich in archaeological remains, thanks to the River Welland, which had a huge influence on the development of the area.

The Deepings Today

Whether you are a resident or a visitor, here you can find out more about what the local community has to offer from shops to eateries and more.

Local Information

The Deepings has a thriving, community-spirited society with an abundance of local amenities for both residents and visitors. You will find more detail about many of them here.

Eventus Centre

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